The Compounding Effect of Rabbits!

When we thinking about the compounding effect we often think about money but in my experience it it had more to do with rabbits. One Easter it seemed like a good idea to my husband and I to purchase rabbits for our 4 young daughters. We could imagine Easter morning when they woke up to find these cuddly little pets in an Easter basket, and believe me it was as good as we imagined. Rabbits are wonderful pets!

The trouble started when I looked out my kitchen window and saw them sitting in their cage ALL DAY LONG. I could imagined them talking to each other and wondering about this new life of captivity until I could no longer deal with the guilt. Before you wonder if I should be committed, I would like to state my defense the breeder we got these beauties from assured me they were all female bunnies.

Because of my distress my patient and loving husband helped me create a wonderful rabbit shed with hay bales, areas to make tunnels and play. It was wonderful until I learned that the male rabbits reproductive organs are quite insignificant and even a breeder can be fooled. And the breeder was very wrong!

Here is were the compounding effect takes over and soon we had 60 bunnies way too many for four little girls to play with let alone take care of. We became The Place to go if your child wanted to take an animal to the fair in three counties. I consider myself quite lucky because due to the compounding effect one pair of rabbits and their offspring can become 1 million rabbits in four years.

If you understand this phenomenon you understand that if you do something consistently over and over, everyday moving toward your desire eventually you create a habit and find yourself moving faster than you can believe. It makes no difference if it is to your advantage or your determent. Habits are like that good or bad the universe really doesn’t care.

If you were given the choice of receiving a penny that would double every day for a month or a million dollars you would be wise to accept the penny because even though in the third week the penny would only have made $655.35. On day 28 your penny grows past one million dollars and on day 31 your penny has created the compounding effect of $10,737,418.

On Saturday the 22nd my class will be about that way we can take little things we do to create better health, relationships and more happiness. Because it is earth day Saturday we will talk about what we can do to help the environment with this same tool! Hope to see you on Saturday
9 am-12. The cost is what your heart tells you between $10-$40.

I would appreciate it if you comment or let me know if you are interested in the class.


The Meaning of Trees


Did you know that each tree has its own meaning? Trees have practical uses, they have given us healing options, stories and myths that has been passed down through the generations.

Last year I became a certified tree reader. A tree reader looks at your drawing of a tree and tells you things about your personality. You won’t believe the things you can learn by how a person draws a tree. There are no rules what kind a tree you draw or how you create your master piece.

Saturday March 25th is my Saturday morning class at the Sky Blue Dreams Wellness building in Oxford. The Class starts at 9 a.m.  and you pay what you are able from $10-$40.

In the class I will share information about trees you may have in your yard. For example did you know that a birch tree is about renewal and protection. In fact if we lived in Western Europe we would brush out the old year with a birch broom on the morning after the winter solstice as we welcomed the new year.

How about a spruce bath, that is made of 6-7 oz of needles boiled in 1 3/4 pints of water and then added to your bath to stimulate circulation?

We will interpret your tree in class and you may find a deeper understanding of yourself. I hope that you will be able to join me on Saturday morning. If you are able to make it I always appreciate you letting me know. You can comment here, email me at jane@skybluedreams.net or call 608-697-4457.

Come and spend the morning with your friend the tree hugger!

Sky Blue Resilience Launch!!

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new business name!!  Sky Blue Dreams has turned into “Sky Blue Resilience.”  

After creating my book, “Faith, Love and Hypnosis” I’ve discovered how important it is to get out the message that we all need to become more resilient in our lives.  If my mission is to help you become more resilient then I felt I better have that word in my business name.  

Resilience really is the answer to a healthy life and it is essential in this fast paced complex world that we are living in. With resilience you are able to bounce back from the day’s stresses quickly and seamlessly. I teach resilience with laughter because it is the best way to learn and grow your emotional muscles.

You will now be able to find me on http://www.skyblueresilience.com

Sky Blue Resilience will also be getting a facelift on it’s Social Media sites as well.  

I’m so excited to share with you all the great things I have planned for Sky Blue Resilience!!

Love, Jane

Are You an Ostrich, a Bull or are you Resilient?

How do you handle stress?

Are you an ostrich pretending nothing is wrong when you feel stress start pulling you down? Do you  feel sad and overwhelmed or maybe you are a bull charging forward with no plan just allowing anger to push you forward on a path for which you have no desire .

What is your other choice?
There are many techniques  to help you move through life with resilience. You may wonder what resilience really means? I would like to share what my teacher taught me about resilience. Brian Luke Seaward PH.D. is my teacher, mentor and my friend he taught me about stress management and resilience. The title of a book he wrote 20 years ago explains resilience, “Stand Like Mountain Flow Like Water, Reflections on Stress and Human Spirituality”. This wonderful book was just nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in the literature of the soul. You see resilience is about strength and flexibility.

Resilience isn’t  about being an ostrich or a bull it is about finding a balance in life. It is learning techniques that help us stand like a mountain and flow like water. I will spend my life learning more and more ways to find balance and I want to share with you what I have learned from great teachers.

Now you can take Resilience Training and explore:
Changing your perception
Body Language and the Languages of Love
Stress Management
Heart Math
EFT [emotional freedom Techniques]
Ways to deal with fears and worry
Become aware when covert hypnosis is being used against you
How to change your habits
How to use the self-fulfilling prophecy to create the life you desire
Angels  and Nature
Vibrations, Chakras
How Prayer, Gratitude and Forgiveness affect our health
Improve your golf game or other sports
Heal your life and more……….

The Spring Class will be March 4th-5th, and April 1st-2nd including a zoom call every week.
All materials are included.  The cost is $525 OR  the Fall class is September 1st-2nd-3rd and 4th If you wish to be a certified hypnotist with both the NGH and the IHF and charge for your services you will need to take the next two classes on May 6th and 7th and June 3rd and 4th OR  October 6th-7th-8th and 9th

My New Experiment for Classes May Affect You!

Happy Day to Everyone!

At the end of 2016 I was deciding whether to continue with the Saturday morning classes. I enjoy sharing what I have learned on the path as a professional student but there was problems with the way the classes worked. The charge has always been $40 because I put a great deal of time  into creating the classes but that doesn’t fit into all budgets. I hear that some of you would like to take the class but you live too far away.  I am doing an experiment and offering these classes with the option of selecting how much you want to pay.  I am simply trusting you to pay what feels right and trusting the universe to supply my financial needs. You choose to pay $10 -$20- $30- or $40. This offer will be valid for at least the next three months.

The next experiment is to offer classes on-line. It is a learning curve for me but something I have wanted to do for a long time. So if you have any desire to take a class but live far away please let me know.

I am hoping many people will take advantage of this test so it will continue.Saturday Morning Classes

This year the Saturday Morning classes will be from 9-12 on the last Saturday of the month. I think I have a few surprises for you. Because many people have asked about Past lives we start there. After that each month we are going to learn something new that a well known person living or dead could teach us.  I ask that you email or message me if you are interested by the 15th of each month. If you are interested but live too far away I am hoping these classes will be available soon. Please email me at jane@janegovoni.com or jane@skybluedreams.net or message me if you are interested in on-line classes.

January 28th

A Peak into the Afterlife— Many of you know Luckie Hotaling as the smart, funny lady that she is but many of you don’t know her remarkable talents with the afterlife. I did not know anything about soul retrieval until Luckie started to share her stories of unconditional love with me. Recently I saw a movie preview that was so frightful and evil about spirits and the afterlife and I wondered why we pay to put those thoughts into our mind. It made me think about Luckie and her belief of using love to dispel fear and that fear is what holds souls from going into the light. To start the series of Saturday morning classes Luckie will be with me to tell her story and how she became a soul retriever. She will also share some stories with us.

The other part of this class will be about past life regression. I will share the latest ideas I have learned about regressions and we will do a group past life regression. I hope after the class you will be able to get some information on your own.

February 25th

This month I would like to share some teachings from the teachers I have loved that taught and lived the love of humanity like Leo Buscaglia and Albert Schweitzer. How can we live in love? How can we be love? Love is a very high vibration and when we can keep our thoughts and actions at that level we are able to manifest wonder into our lives.

March 25th     

Spring starts and we think about nature and the great teachers from Wisconsin like Leopold and Muir.  Last August I learned to be a tree reader.  It is an amazing technique. Many of you have drawn a tree for me and I have told you about your personality in ways that astounded you. I want to share the process with you so you can learn more about yourself, friends and family.

I hope to hear from you and we can learn from each other as we raise our vibrations!